Celebrating Her Creative Achievements

SHE Voices Magazine provides a media platform for women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the past, present, and future to narrate their stories safely—restoring their voice with confidence and serenity. It celebrates their creative achievements and advocates for their voice. We believe storytelling provides healing for oneself and others and creates wholeness. When women are heard, seen, nurtured, and loved, their families become whole. 

Our Mission is to help military women develop creative career strategies, live lifestyles that matter, experience healthy living, and build wealth for their future.  

Sistah Soldier founded the SHE Voices Magazine™ to combine her human resource specialist training, military experience, and executive producing skills from the SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show to help other military women transition into the workforce the creative arts and entertainment industries. She aims to provide the resources for developing their abilities, building sisterhood, and creating a supportive community for all who follow in their footsteps. If you’d like to gain more insight into what we do, become a sponsor, or be a guest on our show, please visit www.shevetmedia.com 

SHE Voices Magazine™ articles, media consulting, coaching, branding, marketing, productions, broadcasting, and staffing services are provided under the trademark of SHE VET™, iNC.